21 Owambe Style For Ladies (September Edition)

owambe style ideas for ladies

We are sure you are already anticipating the styles we plan to bring to you this September as there are always so many unique styles to pick from every month and we must confess, picking favorites can be a bit challenging, every design, from bold and daring to conservative have its usefulness at every event hence why we always have a combination of all.

Owambe could only get better if you are robed in the style and also expensive aso-ebi won’t bode well with any styles at all, only the best would do.

2020 is only a couple of months away so this month we are bringing styles that are trendsetting.

We can as well bet your designer would love to make any of the styles we have compiled as simplicity is well included in every inch of the style.

15 Stylish Owambe Outfit Ideas

Are you fashion-savvy? Then you are going to love these well put together styles, simple but stunning.

1. One-Sided Puff sleeve Bow Belt Short Gown

Image: @asoebi_uk// Instagram

This is definitely owambe worthy, for all our party slayers this is a beautiful classy style you would love to rock.

2.  Net Infused Sleeve Curvy Long Gown

Image: @asoebi_uk// Instagram

What is not to love about this beautiful net infused sleeve six pieces goodness, you can definitely rock this and be rest assured of looking good.

3. Layered Front Up_Down Gold Embedded Gown

Image: @iyaboojofespris// Instagram

One cannot imagine how gorgeous this beautiful style would look until you fit it on and then you would know that there are styles and there are styles.

4. Crossed Strap Offshoulder Slit Gown

latest owambe styles
Image: @fashion_nigeria_// Instagram

Another asoebi worthy gown, this could just be that perfect wedding style you are looking for to rock for your next wedding event.

5. Gold Embedded Long Sleeve Gown

Image: @amillionstyles// Instagram 

Dash into a wedding reception looking like a millionaire in this gold embedded six pieces gown.

6. Two Patterned Flare Sleeve Stylish Gown

Image: @sharonooja// Instagram

You can be simple stylish and still be very hot, just like this above style. Sharon just knows how to give us a show with her styles.

7. Off Shoulder Mermaid Gown

September owambe edition
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Tired of usual ball gowns and want something different and interesting? You will find mermaid gown a good alternative, it’s simple and adorable, the right style for a wedding and any elaborate events. The style would look good with practically any kind of fabric.

8. Drape Sleeves With Sheath Gown (Royalty)

September owambe style edition

Right from her highness. Here is one style that is found trendsetting and we are completely in love with it, it has always been in trend and even more recognized this past month, suitable style if you are related to the bride or groom and wants to look your absolute best.

9. Net Infused Gown With One Hand Sleeve And Slit

September owambe styles
Image: @chiomagoodhair // Instagram

Chiomagoodhair is one fashion enthusiasts with impeccable taste in styles, pretty popular on Instagram for always having suitable party styles at all times.

10. Empire Gown Style

September owambe edition
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

You might just want to scrap those too dramatic styles and choose something simple and adorable like the empire gown style above, suitable for all kinds of events.

11. Stylish Straight Gown With Fringe Sleeve

september Owambe style edition
Image: @fashionista // Instagram

Another elegant style to add to your list of amazing styles, it’s perfect for a traditional wedding.

12. Trumpet Gown With Low Neckline

September owambe styles
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

If you have got a sexy shape and wondering the right style for your figure then we say look no further as this is one style every hourglass shape lady ought to own.

13. Dramatic Bell Sleeves With Short Slit

September owambe edition
Image: @realmercyaigbe // Instagram

Those Ankara you ignore could also be sewn into beautiful stunning styles to attend a wedding with and here is one style that you really should give a try with your Ankara fabric.

14. Padded Top With Infused Net Cape

September owambe styles
Image: @asoebistyles // Instagram

You can also decide to go for a more dramatic chich like style, it’s classy and definitely worth wearing to a party, danceable too.

15. A-line Gown With Attached Sleeve

September owamber styles
Image: @owambestyles // Instagram

Take a break from flare gowns and try A-line design, it’s quite eye-catching and also interesting for all kinds of owambe.

16. Tub Mermaid Gown With Half Slits

September owamber edition
Image: @bellanaijaweddings // Instagram

Here is another style we are recommending for those who love styles that are bold and fascinating, this is surely jaw-dropping and would have friends asking who your designer is.

17. Off Shoulder Gown With Pleated Side

September owambe styles
Image: @lace_styles // Instagram

Stunning and elegant is the right describtion for a style like this, it’s free and you can easily hit the dance floor in a style like that.

18. Average Sleath Gown With Fringes

September owambe style edition
Image: @bellanaijastyle // Instagram

Sheaths design are becoming more fashionable and trendy and even more interesting is how it can be incorporated in gowns, the one above is a clear example of how beautiful sheath gowns are,

19. One Long Sleeve With Strip Sleeve And Layers

September owambe edition
Image: @owambestyle // Instagram

A very conservative style with no drama at all might be all you need to rock to that owambe this weekend, its simple and gorgeous.

20. Off Shoulder Ball Gown

September owambe styles
Image: @owambestyle // Instagram

Time to spice up those ball gowns and do something more fascinating with your aso ebi this season, above is an amazing style that is practically suitable for every elaborate party and you can detach the layers at the frock to rock it for casual outings

21. Tub Gown With Bracelet Frock And Sleeves

September owambe styles
Image: @owambestyle // Instagram

Bracelet sleeves are not just beautiful and setting new trends but you are also comfortable in them and also you can easily make it an attached sleeve to be removed if you want to turn it to a simple sleeveless gown.

One thing you can rest assured about styles that are considered stylish is the fact that they are easy to recreate and every time you see something new, you can always redesign it, all kinds of aso ebi fabric can sew the styles we compiled above and do leave us a comment in the box below on which you considered your favorite.

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