CelebsThatRock E42: 13 Celeb-Approved Ways To Look Sophisticated In White

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In the fashion world, what have you heard about White of late? Color white is pure and it’s known for its flawlessness. There’s this confidence that speaks when on white, you don’t need to amplify your awareness when on white because it spotless, physically and mentally will do the amplifier.

Designers have always found creating with white interesting and perfect for keeping things neutral.

Unlike some colors, white isn’t necessarily exhilarating, white is always a reminder for cleanliness and clarity. Want to step your way of mixing white shoes and bags? Rather than wearing your everyday white pair casually, go for styles that make it all pop and stand out and we have compiled the list of the best celebrity styles from last week that is sure to inspire you.

The recent trend is white heels and white bags, tag along while we see some of the celebrities that rocked this exceptionally well. It’s all about white heels and bag trends.

13 Classy And Sophisticated Celebrity Styles From Last Week

White apparel is not particularly hard to pull off but when making a bold fashion statement, you might want to go for something that is sure to stand out. Here are 13 outfits you can confidently recreate with a pair of white shoes or bags.

1. Toke Makinwa Keeps It Sassy As Always

Toke Makinwa Keeps It Sassy As Always
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

Now, this is what I call sweetness. Toke Makinwa is never to be caught unfresh, she is known for her impeccable taste in styles and she sure has an interesting way of combining which we love. This simple outfit has been paired with a  nice portable bag and it’s sure worth recreating.

2. Idia Aisien Keeps It Formal And Classy

Toke Makinwa Keeps It Sassy As Always
Image: @idiaaisien // Instagram

Idia Aisien is great at keeping it elegant and fancy. A white outfit is actually great for occasions and we must say she does look good in that.

3. We Like This Look From Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime Keeps It Fancy
Image: @nanacyisime // Instagram

When it comes to celebrities who love keeping their outfits sassy and amazing, Nancy Isime would be on the top 10 list definitely. Here is a simple white gown on days you want to keep it simple.

4. Jennifer Oseh Shows Off Glamour In All White Outfit

Jennifer Oseh Shows Glamour In All White Outfit
Image: @theladyvhodka // Instagram

This is one look that definitely can go unnoticed, it is fashionable and great for all kinds of occasions.

5. Adeola Adeyemi Sleek Pose Can’t Go Unnoticed

Adeola C Adeyemi
Image: @diiadem // Instagram

Adeola Adeyemi is another celebrity who has found a way to make the white shoe and bag work well for her. A sleek sneakers shoe has always been known to work with all kinds of outfits.

6. Marii Pazz Looks Like A Babe As Always

Marii Pazz Look Like A Babe As Always
Image: @marripvzz // Instagram

Marii Pazz is a fashion influencer with impeccable taste in styles. Talk about confidence and class and we would definitely have Marii Pazz on the list.

7. Sade Akinosho With That Bold Look

Sade Akinosho
Image: @s4de_u // Instagram

Sade Akinosho looking stunning and hot. The glamour and bold look say it all. See more s4de_u.

8. Ini Edo’s simple outfit

Ini Edo
Image: @iniedo // Instagram

Ini Edo looking snatched in this classy and simple outfit. White thus brings so much confidence, irrespective of how you decide to rock it.

9. Stephanie Coker. Just Plain And Simple

Stephanie Coker
Image: @stephaniecoker // Instagram

Stephanie Coker is keeping it real in this amazing outfit, you can always rock your footwears and bag in something as casual as this with zero stress.

10. Sino Booi’s Drip In With Classy White

Sino Booi Keeps The Drip In With Classy White
Image: @sinobooi // Instagram

Did I hear you say drip? Yes, Sino Booi has decided to keep it interesting and suitable on those wears.

11. Lillian Afegbai Sleek Outfit Looks Great For Casual Occasion

Lillian Afegbai Sleek Outfit Looks Great For Casual Occasion
Image: @lillianafegbai // Instagram

When next are you going for that casual outing? I would suggest you go for something as simple as classy as this. Spot the snickers and bag on Lillian Afegai no weight attached.

You have all you need for that casual outing here already, stress it no further.

12. Dorathy Bacho Looks Great In Micro Gown

Dorathy Bacho Look Great In Micro Gown
Image: @dorathybachor // Instagram

Dorathy Bacho is keeping this simple and elegant in this micro gown. It’s the bag and transparent heels for me because you sincerely can’t go wrong on any outfit you decide to rock them with.

13. Chika Ike Makes Enviable Statement In White

Chika Ike Makes Enviable Statement In White
Image: @chikaIke // Instagram

Chika Ike looking pretty with that bold facial expression, yes that’s the power of white, looking take away on her all-white outfit.

In Conclusion

White has always stood out in all colors, with its uniqueness, never boring, full of life and positive energy.

White is a classic color that isn’t going away, so it’s time to get on it.

One of the benefits of white is that they’re versatile. White can work for the day, evening, and even at the office.

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