5 Simple Ways To Conceal Blemishes

Conceal Blemishes
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When it comes to concealing the blemishes on our skin especially the facial aspect, it could feel or look as though it’s work and can be frustrating times. Growing up, we all have these frustrating pimples that keep telling us they are here to stay on. Reports show a lot of women have lost their self-esteem due to blemishes they can’t get rid of.

It is easy to make mistakes when you are trying to conceal a breakout and end up having it look even worst. Experts will tell you the fastest way to get rid of breakouts is to keep a clean skincare routine and eat healthy food. However, there are days you want to keep a bulging pimple less visible and have a good day outdoor.

If you love socializing but ugly blemishes are forcing you to stay indoors. Below are 5 ways you can cover up those blemishes that might be making you feel less of yourself.

1. Wash Your Face Thoroughly

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When it comes to washing the face a whole of people tends to get the process all wrong. Washing of the face doesn’t stop at just using water and soap to wash and leave the bathroom, it beyond that if we really want to start up with the covering of our blemishes like pimples. To start with we need to know our skin type, so we can find a formula that’s suited for our skin.

We have people with dry and oily skin and good bar soap is great for scrubbing below the neck, but its formula isn’t designed for the sensitive skin on our face, using the wrong bar soap on the face will only add to the blemishes. To avoid irritation and excess dryness, you can also opt for a specialized facial cleanser instead.

This will be a great way to start up with the covering of blemishes, another thing we should be careful of is the way we walk our hands through our faces, we don’t need to apply too much pressure on the face as this will risk redness and irritation. Instead, use soft, circular motions to massaging the bar soap into damp skin, while we allow it does the heavy lifting.

2. Do Not Pop That Pimple

Do Not Pop That Pimple
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For those that are dealing with blackheads, cysts, whiteheads, tiny red bumps, hyperpigmentation, and textured scars. It might be tempting to touch them, wanting to get them off those faces if we notice we’d see that the more you touch or try to pop out of your face, it either you get double of it or you get a swollen or reddish bump.

The best thing to always do is leave them, if at all you need to make use of your makeup or apply foundation, gently use your hand and a soft brush will do much justice. Do you want to conceal your blemishes? Then don’t add to it, it better you allow it looks cool down after proper wash rather than you adding more to it.

Help yourself by concealing those blemishes without pop, touching, or romancing your face. It helps reduces the blemishes. You can as well lookout for some products that absorb fluids and oils from your blemishes to flatten out the zit and dull redness. Do well to go for one that the patches don’t leave your skin dry and flaky as this makes spots so easy to cover up.

3. Use The Right Makeup Kits

When it comes to makeup, it not just about using powder and foundation then applying your lipstick. Beyond, one thing you should always ask yourself is if you are using the right products, this product are they good for my skin type? You shouldn’t try to be covering your blemishes and when you wash off the makeup it like more blemishes came with the concealing.

You need to also find the right shade that goes well with your skin, don’t apply too much, make it moderate, minimal, and still doing the work you need it to do.

4. Take Time To Moisturize Your Face

Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up. If your skin tends to be oily, you should look for lotions instead of creams, and try to find a moisturizer with exfoliant ingredients.

If your skin tends to be dry, look for cream because they tend to have a higher oil content. Moisturizing your face will help you maintain your skin’s healthy cells and protect them from irritation. You can reduce your chances of any skin problems arising.

5. Clean Your Tools Regularly

Clean Your Tools Regularly
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This is one area we should always look out for again, as this has more tendency to be a part of the skin blemishes. As much as possible always take out time to wash those makeup tools, some people even share their brush and some other sensitive tools with their friends and loved ones. A makeup too is like your undies that can’t be shared with anyone.

Peradventure you do share your makeup tools this is why you need to clean them off the dirt that might want to store up on your own skin while using. Make sure you are regularly cleaning your brushes and sponges because I know you don’t want to exacerbate the problem so if your tools are dirty, you just might be calling more problems to your skin.

In Conclusion

Having skin free from blemish is what everyone aims for, and at times it might feel tiring doing all of the routines but one thing is to achieve that goal you need to be intentional. Looking great is hard work but it can be achieved. We hope this process helps you have that desired skin you’ve always aimed for.

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