How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat Tools

How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat Tools

How do I turn my fro into curls? Curly hair is a great hairstyle for every natural hair type, it combats shrinkage and it is one of the best protective hairstyles that keep your hair moisturized, protected, and minimize the manipulation on your scalp throughout the week. Whether you want to switch your curl pattern or enhance your natural hair texture, curl hairstyle is a great choice for that, it is however important to learn how to curl your hair at home with minimal damage to protect your natural hair end.

The thought of straightening your natural hair texture can be quite a tousle and it is essential to ditch the iron and rather learn a more organic approach to styling your hair which is making your natural hair curls pop and stay healthy.

Enhancing your hair’s natural curl need not be daunting, read on to discover how to curl your natural hair at home, and further enhance your natural hair movement.

How To Curl Natural Hair

It is vital that you avoid heat tools as much as possible and the next time, you think of pulling out your blow dryer or flat iron, you should remember that too much heat will only your natural hair curls to go permanently limp and if you want those baby curls then there are alternative ways you can get them without damaging your tresses. You can easily manipulate your natural hair to get the curls you want and here are the healthiest methods to get curls for natural hair.

1. Flexi Rod Set

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Flexi rod set are keys to getting flawless curls on natural hair of any length and type, this requires patience and all hair types are different hence your curls might come out wavier than what you see on other naturals, each is unique in its own way. You can use Flexi rods to curl your hair without the fear of heat damage although if you need to dry faster, you might have to use a hood dryer, which is less harsh on your hair strand. Here is how to achieve a Flexi rod:

  • Decide on the size of the curls you want and use the suitable Flexi rod to achieve the size
  • You can start with damp or dry hair, damp hair helps the Flexi rod take hold and dry hair gives more length but less definition
  • Section your hair into medium sections with a rat tail comb
  • Detangle gently
  • Apply a sealant, leave-in conditioner or a setting lotion
  • Twist the sectioned hair around a Flexi rod
  • Ensure to twist both ends of the Flexi rod to put your hair in place
  • Repeat all over your hair
  • Undo the Flexi rods why dry and style

2. Bantu Knot Out

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Bantu knots are great inspirational hairstyles for all-natural hair, you will need to detangle your hair before styling of knot outs makes your hair smooth and shiny. It is a simple way to get defined curls and it can be done on any natural hair length. Here is how to get Bantu knot out curls with ease:

  • Twist and wrap the section of your hair against itself like a screw or braid
  • Wrap itself against itself at the base
  • Tuck the ends of your hair at the base close to your scalp or secure with a pin
  • Leave it to dry and set overnight
  • Unravel and style

3. Twist And Braid Outs

Twist and braid outs are stapled hairstyles for naturalists as they are both great for natural hair growths, this is the right hairstyle to go for if you want smooth and bouncy curls. Try a braid and twist out for extreme volume and definition curls. This method involves cornrowing your hair or flat twisting it and using rollers at the end for defined curls and to keep it less frizzy.

4. Finger Coils

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Finger coils are easy to make and can be achieved on any kind of length, they are also fun and easy to style, they are great for getting small spring curls and all you need to get a finger coil is your finger, some products and lots of patience.

  • Start on clean hair, washed and condition
  • Moisturize and seal
  • Apply some curling cream or gel on your finger
  • Twirl small sections of your hair
  • Repeat until all of the hair is complete
  • You can air dry and sleep with a satin bonnet overnight or dry with hood dryer until your hair is dry

5. Perm Rod Set

Perm rod sets are trusted to keep your hair healthy and give you the curls you want without the use of any heart tools, the process is similar to Flexi rod set but the roller for perm rod is made of sturdy plastic material and a rubber clamp which helps to hold your hair in place. Make sure your hair is properly detangled and here is how toa chive the perfect perm rod curls:

  • Wash and condition your hair
  • Use a leave-in conditioner throughout your hair to soften it and properly detangle
  • Part your hair into sections with clips
  • Grab your rod sets, depending on the size of curls you want and how tight you want your curls, roll from the center and hook each of your rods and let your style dry and set fora bout eight hours
  • Unhook your rods and unroll each section, separate each section with your finger to give your hair a little lift.

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6. Wash And Go

How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat Tools

Wash and go curl technique is achieved with lot’s natural hair products and a quick natural hair styling tip is needed toa chive a perfect wash and go curl. This method does not require and manipulating of your hair strand and it is an effective way to quickly style natural hair, it is the easiest ways to get curls and although the name implies you are to wash and go but here are step’s to get a more defined curl:

  • ¬†Apply a curling cream into your hair after washing and moisturizing
  • Use a praying hand method, the shingling method or a demand brush to get more definition
  • Lightly use a banding or twisting method to stretch your hair
  • Air-dry overnight or use hood dryer
  • If there is any crunchiness, apply some of your favorite oil and style as desired.

Protective hairstyles for natural hair are the best go to if you want to keep your healthy and stylish hence why curls are the best go-to provided there are no heat tools involve. Start on clean and well-moisturized hair, this will help lock moisture in while you air dry or use a hooded dryer, there are plenty of methods for achieving gorgeous curls without ruining your hair texture and above are some of the best ways to achieve that.

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