CelebsThatRock E47: 11 Simple Ways to Wear Joggers

CelebsThatRock E47

Joggers are ideal for traveling, for lounging around the house, for running errands, and, depending on the material, even dressy enough for work. Throw them on over leggings when you’re heading to yoga class and it’s zero degrees outside.

Rock them when you’re pregnant or postpartum. Wear them as pajamas and you can also wear them for their original purpose which is jogging.

Show your legs some love and respect by wearing one of the following trendy jogger pants this year. In recent times this style became very popular. Believe it or not, but these trousers can be fashionable if worn the right way.

Joggers got luxe this season and you better follow the trend. Give this casual staple a glamour spin by wearing them slouchy with your favorite wardrobe looks.

Unlike most leggings, joggers usually have pockets. Basically, joggers are just the best. Here, 11 must-have pairs of joggers.

1. ChicAma On Encircled Dressy Joggers

ChicAma On Encircled Dressy Joggers
image: @chicamastyle // Instagram

Keep it smart, casual with a sweatshirt, matching color with beads, and flower design. Finish the look by adding white snickers and off you go. You can never have too many pockets, add this stylish pair of joggers at the top of your list.

2. Organic Cotton Joggers

Organic Cotton Joggers
Image: @lilyafe // Instagram

Keep it hot and flirty by combining your rope waist crop top with zip. Finish the look by adding rounded sunglasses and glamorous black sneakers.

3. Toke Makinwa on Gap Utility Joggers

Toke Makinwa on Gap Utility Joggers
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

These gap utility joggers are perfect for traveling, especially during the summer months. One calls them cooler, comfortable, and dressier than sweatpants. These definitely fit into the joggers trend and absolutely rock as pants to wear on a long flight.

4. T-shirt Looking Classy and Casual On Joggers

T-shirt Looking Classy and Casual On Joggers
Image: @iniedo // Instagram

These pants are soft, relaxed enough that will get you through any journey in comfort. Joggers looking stylish with pockets, which are perfect for carrying your small valuables when touring anywhere.

5. Joggers Offers A Matching Jacket For The Full Look

Joggers Offers A Matching Jacket For The Full Look
Image: @yewande_biala // Instagram

These joggers are made with a perfect combination of fabrics for runners and fast-walkers, using both a fabric for movement, UV sun protection, and quick-drying powers, as well as a super lightweight mesh lining for comfort and breathability.

6. Black Joggers Looking All Stylish

Black Joggers Looking All Stylish
Image: @simply_tachabbn19 // Instagram

Pockets are travel essentials and these pants and hoodies have two pockets each on either side. However, the best travel perk is the hidden mesh pocket, the perfect size for a credit card or ID, inside the right pocket.

7. Classic Jogger Pants

Classic Jogger Pants
Image: @mariipvzz // Instagram

While we aren’t able to travel as much right now, these joggers are great for even the shortest of distances (even from the fridge to the couch, if that’s your destination).

8. Joggers With Crop Top With The Peng Look

Joggers With Crop Top With The Peng Look
Image: @tolubally // Instagram

Rock this any day for that casual outing and when looking up the definition of cozy, these joggers should be the only definition listed.

9. Leggings Joggers with Hoodie

Leggings Joggers with Hoodie
Image: AliExpress

The high waistband enhances the relaxed feel with a matching hoodie.

10. Essential 3-Stripes Jogger

Essential 3-Stripes Jogger
Image: StyleFavourite.com

Not only can you wear this pear during a workout, but their cotton and jersey blend makes them equally as versatile for casual wear as well.

11. Free Movement Joggers

Free Movement Joggers
Image: Akolzol.com

Whether you’re taking a road trip or boarding a plane, you’ll be insanely comfortable in this soft. The relaxed fit will allow you to comfortably lounge on the bus, plane, or train until you arrive at your destination.

In Conclusion: 

Technically, the joggers’ fashion trend is nothing more than spruced-up sweatpants, but they are usually more fitted and taper toward the ankle. They can be found in traditional heavy knit, but they also come in a variety of other materials, from linen to leather.

I believe with the list above we’ve been able to help you, using the destination as a guide, find the right joggers for your trip among the great recommendations listed above and enjoy what I call comfortability all while you rock your joggers.

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