CelebsThatRock E43: 10 Certified Ways To Rock Crop Top

CelebsThatRock 43

Are you a fan of crop tops? Crop top style is another trendy style ladies love to rock and most crop top exposes little of the stomach and that’s why is preferable by some ladies. The overall appearance of the crop top gets impressive in its look and makes anyone appear very stylish effortlessly on it.

If you spend hours at the gym or naturally have amazing abs, crop-top outfits are a must to have in your closet, for those bold enough to show them off.

There are different crop-top outfits that go well for every personality type, from casual to formal and from hipster to rock-chick. These outfits are sure to spark some fashionable ideas you can tailor to your liking.  

Here are 10 amazing ways you can rock a crop top and look classy on it, even if you decide to look casual while rocking it. They are perfect for you to glam.

1. Lilo Aderogba Rocks Crop Top On A High Waist Skirt

Lilo Aderogba keeps it classy
Image: @liloaderogba // Instagram

Lilo rocking a crop top shirt on a skirt, you can’t go wrong with your look even if you decide to rock that crop top with a skirt.

It goes well with a high waist skirt.

2. Khanya Mkangisa Effortlessly Looks Lovely

Khanya Mkangisa keeps it stunning and classy
Image: @ilovekhanya // Instagram

The crop top is not just for trousers rockers only. Spot this mini skirt on Khanya, looking stunning and classy.

The entire style is very effortless and looks lovely. Ladies in these crop tops are rest assured to look like a diva.

3. Sino Booi With The Stunning Look

Sino Booi with the stunning look
Image: @Sinobooi // Instagram

A hoodie crop top. how do you like your crop top? The adjustable rope straps make the entire outfit feel comfortable and the hoodie cap behind the outfit gives an intense look to this stylish crop top.

4. Toke Makinwa Looking Snatched In An Off-Shoulder Crop Top

Toke Makinwa looking snatched
Image: @tokemahinwa // Instagram

We know Toke Makinwa is never caught unfresh, always looking exceptional with her choice of wear.

Crop top with belt extension behind the top. Just in case you don’t want the regular crop top, having one of these in your wardrobe will be nice, don’t forget the off-shoulder part.

5. Yewande Absolutely Looking Stunning

Yewande absolutely looking ready for the
Image: @yewande_biala // Instagram

Be it you want a bold, edgy party look or a feminine, trendy dress makeover, you can give this stylish appearance a try, try it out with your round neck or V-neck shirt.

With this look on a crop top, it’s going to step up the entire game and gives you a maximum lovely impression.

6. Kefilwe Mabote Looks Astonishing

Kefilwe Mabote looks astonishing
Image: @kefilwe // Instagram

Kefilwe Mabote looks astonishing in a material sleeveless crop top and a short. You can wear it for shopping on a hot day, it can be rocked to the beach. 

Try this style if you are trying a crop top for the first time. This is a very casual style for an outing.

7. Ini Edo Always Keeping It Real And Simple

Ini Edo always keeping it real and simple
Image: @iniedo // Instagram

Ini Edo gives a plush and luxurious look effortlessly on the shirt crop top. This particular crop top with collar neck and three-quarter sleeve looks very simple, yet it is trendy and gives an intense, vibrant feels to anyone who opts for this one.

8. TBAJ With The Bold Smile

TBAJ looking ravishing with those bold look
Image: @tolanibaj // Instagram

Tolani Baj looking ravishing with those bold looks on a body hug crop top. This crop top is made of regular breathable material. This top is just like a t-shirt, but it is a short top.

It is super comfortable and used for exercising because it can soak sweat. Many dancers like it as it is cool and light. You don’t have to struggle in this style of the crop top.

9. Lilian Afegbai With the Casual And Beautiful look

Lilain Afegbai keeping it casual
Image: @lillyafe // Instagram

Lilian Afegbai on a smart look. If you haven’t come across this variety yet, here is one must-have in all the girl’s wardrobe, with elastic beneath and a full outfit of the same color.

This crop top gives you a style statement, yet making oneself look mesmerizing and very beautiful. It provides a beautiful statement look, which we all love to have!

10. Tolu Bally With The Confident Look

Tolu Bally keep it real with the confidence
Image: @TBally // Instagram

A simple crop top with a long sleeve is here. For those who are in search of casual outings, natural feel, and comfortable fabric, here is the one for you with a round neck.

A crop top is the best and perfect look for making the new-style from regular days!

In Conclusion

Crop top reveals your collarbone at times, depending on how you want yours, which can create a sexier look or a thinner look. Some combos with crop tops will show your bellies so they may require flat abs.

However, you can pair your crop tops with high waist jeans or high waist skirts so that you can hide your bellies a bit. Discover more #CelebsThatRock.


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