How To Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair

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How do I go natural without the big chop? The thought of cutting your hair might have you taking back your decision to go natural but many naturalists have managed to transition to natural hair without cutting their relaxed hair.

Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the process part or letting it fall on its own hence if you want to go natural but dread cutting your hair then do not despair as with little time and effort, you can transition.

The process of going natural is highly personal for lot’s of black women and there is no right or wrong way to do this, all you have to ensure is that your hair stays healthy during this process and if you choose to transition, the benefit is that you retain your hair length during the process.

Going natural without cutting your hair means you want to let go of your relaxed and permed hair and embrace the hair that naturally grows directly out of your head and here are tips that are going to help you along the way.

What are the best ways to go natural without cutting your hair?

The big chop is not always an option for some people and if you are one of those who are considering transitioning without cutting your hair, you will learn that combining the two textures can be really tiring and the process of growing out your natural hair can be a long one.

1. Transitioning Your Locks

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If you are going to get committed to getting natural hair then the first stage to this is to stop relaxing your hair or using chemicals, this can be a big adjustment to your usual touchup routines but it is important that you resist the temptation of using any chemical treatment of your hair. Heat styling can also cause damages to your natural hair hence you need to avoid using heat on your hair.

2. Experiment With Protective Styles

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If the goal is to transition to natural hair without cutting your hair, you need to experiment with protective hairstyles that work for you, when you do find a hairstyle that works, stick to it as now is not the time to work out different styles as the two different textures are still delicate. Minimal manipulation is important while transitioning and using a protective hairstyle helps you to grow out your perm without the cultural shock.

3. Disguise Your Straight Ends With A Well Placed Curl

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You will be dealing with particularly straight ends while transitioning however you can still wear a curled hairstyle, this helps to make the appearance of your relaxed and natural look uniform. A two-strand twist or foam roller set can help to blend the two textures and protects your hair strand from breakage.

4. Try Out Hair Accessories

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Hair accessories can come in really handy when you don’t have time to style your hair before heading out in the morning or you are bored whilst transitioning. Using headbands or scarves can be a great way to add some style and protect it from the winter chill. There are also decorative barrettes to spice up your hairstyle or keep it out of the way.

5. Switch To Co-washing

How to go natural without cutting your hair

Natural hair is naturally dry and more prone to frizz hence it needs moisture which means you have to try as much as possible to retain moisture and this is why you should switch to co-washing your hair rather than shampoo each time. Co-washing is the process of utilizing conditioner to wash and cleanse your hair in place of a shampoo,  this method provides moisture to your hair outside of your leave-in conditioner.

How long does it take to transition from perm to natural?

If you are transitioning without cutting your permed hair, this is likely to take 6 months and more for new growth but there is no specific hair transitioning timeline and a lot will depend on how you care and handle your hair.

In Conclusion

Transitioning to natural hair without cutting your hair is a process that takes time and proper care, you will probably have new about three inches of new growth in three months however the ends of your hair are going to be really fragile which is while it is important to trim regularly rather than wait for it to break into all kinds of unruly ways. Patience is critical while transitioning without cutting your hair.

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