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25 African Braids Hairstyle Pictures to Inspire You

Looking for beautiful pictures of African braids hairstyles? You’ll find the most beautiful versions of African braids online in this post.

The most versatile continent when it comes to how hair is styled is Africa with so many braid hairstyles to choose from, every braid comes with its own unique way of designing, the stylist also does come up with different styles every day and you can never get tired of these beautiful hairstyles.

Another interesting thing about African braid hairstyles is how you can add some extensions to it to give it a more interesting appeal, different colors, and different lengths. For example, take a look at what these 18 white girls on braids did to theirs.

Braided hairstyles also pave way for creativity, you can add your own styles to it and if you do have natural hair with long length and big wave then this is a bonus for you as it would make any braid you make come out more beautiful.

The research did show that Africans can be traced down to centuries ago, with years more styles are created to inspire you and every new style is found fascinating. Below are 25 braids that are sure to inspire your choice of hairstyle for every season.

25 African Braids Hairstyle Pictures

Fashion definitely won’t be complete with these beautiful African braids hairstyle pictures to complete the look, we have gathered only the best braids that are in trend.

1. High Bun Braid

african braid
Source: Pinterest

This is one beautiful braid hairstyle that has been recognized for ages, it’s glamorous and highly official, bun braid can come in different ways, sometimes a low cornrow, short bun, double bun and all which would all be seen in this post. It goes with all kinds of looks and adds some interesting class to an outfit.

2. Fulani Braid

african braid
Source: Pinterest

Fulani braids are simply gorgeous with no doubt about that, it is one hairstyle that has recently been added to African braids and it has so much be loved and accepted by a lot of African women and they did wear the hairstyle with pride.

3. Two-Step Fulani Braid

African braid
Source: Pinterest

Another beautiful Fulani braid that is simply astounding is a two-step braid, few cornrows is plaited at the front and another at the back or box braid can also be plaited at the back, the important thing is it is separated in two hence the name two-step.

4. Short Fulani Braid

African braid
Source: Cosmopolitan

Fulani braids are common and not just that, it comes in different styles and designs, African braids are versatile and that means lots of amazing styles to look at. This is a simple style that has been woven to give the whole Fulani look.

5. Beaded Bangs Braid

african braid

Source: Hairstyle ideasThis is completely African and we love how it has all the idea of creativity in it, the bead added some class and trend to it, it is usually a culture style used to dictate tradition and most brides do wear it for a traditional wedding.

6. Fulani Braid With Curly End

african braid
Source: braid_fanatic

This is a Fulani braid but this time with a curly end to add a simple yet fascinating look to it, different from the normal Fulani braid but still the same, this looks a lot stunning and there is an extension designed to give you the exact look.

7. Short Box Braid With Cornrow

African braid
Source: braidslifematter

Short braids are beautiful, no doubt about that as the braid above is top-notch, it’s trendy and stunning, a perfect style during summer, it’s cool and not overly dramatic.

8. All Back Cornrow

African braid
Source: Vick Vanlian

Africans love bun and cornrow, you actually create a combination style with it, it’s trendy too and widely accepted both African and African American.

9. Loose Braid

Source: kersti.pitre

Loose braids are pretty common these days and just like a box braid but in this regard with a loose cornrow, it’s a pretty amazing style and does last a long while if you are good at maintaining braids.

10. Short Box Braid With Curls

African brai
Source: braidsgang

Adding curls to braids is now a pretty common trend you can’t help but love, it’s simple and fascinating, nothing too dramatic though and you can also wear it with any classy outfit.

11. Jumbo Box Braid

African braid
Source: braidsgang

Just like a box braid is gorgeous so is a jumbo braid, you can easily buy the extension for this and add to your hair or have it braided directly into your hair, whichever way you make it is always beautiful and in trend.

12. Simple All Back Fulani Braid

African braid
Source: fulani braid

This is a style that has been known for ages and not only is it perfect for any look you want to recreate, also believed to enhance makeups and give the face a stunning look even without makeups.

13. Afro Cornrow Braid

African Braid
Source: Braidgang

This is highly favored by the South Africans, popular in African countries too but mostly called south African braid and is a perfect glamorous style for anyone who likes bold daring hairstyles.

14. Side Cornrow Braid

African Braid
Source: Braidsgang

Take a break from the normal cool color and try something flashy nad beautiful as using a pink extension for a side cornrow braid, it’s simple and would not take the whole day to make.

15. Fulani Bun Braid

African braid
Source: Allure

Thinking about making a bun braid but you can’t help but fancy Fulani braid too then you can simply combine it and get the look above, elegant and stunning just like the one in the picture above and all you need is a good stylist to get that done.

16. Shade Adu Braid

African braid
Source Africanbraid

Here is a style every lady can relate with, it’s pretty close to a box braid or exactly like a box braid, the only difference is the small cornrow plaited at the front before making it all box braid.

17. Middle Parting Short Box Braid

African braid
Source: shortbraids

Classy, elegant and adorable is the right description for this kind of braid, the middle parting did add some glamour to the style and we are loving it and we are sure you do too.

18. Double Bun

African braid
Source: Pinterest

If you like a single bun then you are definitely going to love a double bun more, it’s feminine and perfect for a formal look.

19. Tiny Twisted Braid

African Braid
Source: Hairstyle Ideas

Just like tiny box braids, you can make twisted braids and still look beautiful with it, it takes time to make though, the medium size takes less time.

20. Full-Length Box Braid

Image: @braidgangs // Instagram

Have you tried a full box braid? If no then you need to try it out, it’s one of African’s most cherished braids, they love it and it’s one hairstyle that can last a very long time.

21. Havana Twist Braid

African Braid
Source: Braid hairstyles

Havana twist is another African braid worth plaiting, it’s gorgeous and mainly an occasion hairstyle and does last a long while if you know how to rock it.

22. Frohawk Braid

African braid

This is just as simple as styling a Mohawk and even more desirable, this style is just what you need for a weekend wedding.

23. Ghana weaving

African braid
Source: news mobile opera

You would have lots of patience with your stylist if you want a style like this, for it to turn out right, it requires time and it’s always worth it if you have a good stylist to make it for you.

24. Medium And Tiny All Back Cornrow

African braids
Source: Instagram

Gorgeous is the right word for this style, it’s just what you need for a simple not too dramatic outing. This is a most common style in Nigeria and now basically adopted by lots of countries.

25. Ghana Weaving Braided Pony Tail

African braid
Source: Hairstyle ideas

Another African style that screams trend and class, perfect for ladies who likes looking casual and formal at all times, this doesn’t take forever to make though and some other styles can be added to it to give it a different appeal.

Braids are really versatile hairstyle, fashion probably won’t be complete without it and it sure did add some glamour to outfits, frankly, braiding your hair can never be boring. Creativity only gets better with braids.

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