CelebsThatRock E25: 17 Trend Worthy Looks From Last Week

celebsthatrock 25

Over the years celebrities have continued to influence fashion and you can find styles that are easy to replicate from them on Instagram, either for a casual day out, red carpet or cocktail and the more interesting part is their impact on style trend, they create something fashionable and in trend and you can be sure to like it.

Influencers are no exceptions when it comes to fashion and recreating gorgeous styles and they make it even more accessible for their followers and there is no doubt that these fashion icons put a lot into their look.

Looking for a look that not just makes you stand out but makes you feel confident? This week on Celebsthatrock, we have curated a list of beautiful styles that might just be setting the kind of trend needed this 2020.

Trend Worthy Styles From Your Favorite Celebs

Some celebrities and influencers have tried their hands at creating their own masterpiece and we must say there has been an incredible style trend created. From Ankara, styles to English and more have been part of the fashion trend for a long while and last week lots of your favorite celebrities were seen showing off their height and beauty in enviable styles.

1. Hamisa Mobetto Rocks An Exotic Fulani Style

Celebsthatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @hamisamobetto // Instagram

Hamisa Mobetto is an interesting fashion icon you can always watch out, she sets a new trend every week and we love this gorgeous look and in terms of sophistication, this is topping the list.

2. Toke Makinwa Steps Out In Class And Sass

Celebsthatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

Toke Makinwa remains an impeccable dive that gets jaw-dropping with her simple but beautiful styles, her combinations are called top-notch and easy to replicate.

3. Funke Ajenifuja Looks Exceptional As Always

Celebsthatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @funkeajenifujaakindele // Instagram

Here is another African celebrity with a fashion taste that sets a personal enviable style. Funke Akindele is not just keeping it simple this time but sophisticated as well.

4. Blue Mbombo Less Dramatic Suit Style

Celebsthatrock sophiscated styles
Image: @blue_mbombo // Instagram

Blue Mbombo replicates the most amazing suit style to start the Monday with, this is classy and fitting for formal events as well.

5. Julitha Kabete Steps Out In A Classy Skirt Gown Style

Celebsthatrock skirt style for the week
Image: @julitha.kabete // Instagram

Julitha Kabete is not keeping it on the low this week and above is one fascinating style that sets the week in motion.

6. Mercy Eke Keeps It, Fancy, With A Micro Skirt

Celebsthatrock skirt for the week
Image: @official_mercyeke // Instagram

Stepping out in style can’t ever get old when it comes to Mercy Eke and even when she keeps it casual, you are sure to find it worthy of a second glance.

7. Stella Adewunmi Gives Just The Pose You Need For The Week

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @jadorefashion // Instagram

You can spice up the new week wear with just this gorgeous style from Stella Adewunmi and we must say this does look adorable on her.

8. Mimi Onalaja Robe Dress Keeps It Drama Free

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @mimionalaja // Instagram

Want to keep it gorgeous but drama-free then this is just the look you want to go for. this classy style combination from Mimi Onalaja is great for a casual evening out in style.

9. Sharon Ooja Keeps It Sexy And Casual

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @sharonooja // Instagram

Going for casual and sexy? Sharon Ooja has just the look for you and the list of fashionable celebrities won’t be complete without this gorgeous diva on it.

10. Jennifer Oseh Sets A New Style TrendCelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week

Image: @theladyvhodka // InstagramThis might be just the fashion trend for the beach as it is not just fashionable but beautiful as well.

11. Bettinah Tianah Looks Stunning

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @bettinahtianah

This is one stunning look for you to step out looking adorable and ready to take on the fashion world.

12. Chic Ama Goes For The Full Stylish Look

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @chicamastyle // Instagram

Fashion can only get more interesting and this is one look that goes for the full swing of sophistication and this could be replicated for red carpets or a cocktail party that requires looking fancy.

13. Blair Eadie Keeps It All Fun And StylishCelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week

Image: @blaireeadie // InstagramW have fun just the kind of fun style that keeps it formal, Blair Eadie style above is just the perfect one for that.

14. Cynthia Nwadiora Chic Style Leaves No Stone Unturned

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: @ceec_official // Instagram

This is one outstanding style you can’t help but love. Ceec gives you the perfect all-season look and we love it.

15. Symply Tacha Ankara Skirt Style Wraps Up The Weekend

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week

Symply Tacha can definitely be described as the sophisticated lady with impeccable fashion taste and if you are looking for a simple Friday outfit, this style above has it covered.

16. Bonang Matheba’s Look Is All Shades Of Lovely

CelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week
Image: bonang_m // Instagram

Bonang Matheba style is just what your day for a day out, weekend or weekday, all you need is the right kind of confidence and sass to match.

17. Sewa Amihere Keeps It All Smiley And FormalCelebsThatrock sophiscated look from last week

Image: @sewaamihere // InstagramSewa Amihere’s formal outfits have always been in trend and we can’t help but love the smile and the glamour from this look. A style doesn’t have to be all fancy to look adorable and above is the style taht proves this to be true.

When it comes to fashion, everyone has it;’s definition of it and that is why every celebrity or fashion influencer has a personal enviable style, this continues to get more interesting as they continue to step out in class and style. Stylish celebrities continue to capture our attention on Instagram with their stunning flawless styles and this takes more than just clothes, it is also about attitude.

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