CelebsThatRock E21: 14 Celebrities Casual Styles After Lockdown

celebsthatrock e21 nigerian celeb styles

Has coronavirus changed fashion for celebrities? As life gradually returns to a semi-normal, we wonder what fashionistas and celebrities have recreated to prove that a global pandemic doesn’t equal an end to styles and everything we love.

Fashion and outing have been put on hold due to the recent pandemic outbreak and so has CelebsThatRock but as celebrities lead the fashion dance out again, we say a big welcome back to you and we are sure you are just as eager as we are to discover what your favorite celebrity has in stock for you.

A fashionable look has more to do with how it makes you feel not look and we can look towards our favorite fashion influencers and celebrities to step out with styles that make you comfortable and confident as you return to your daily activity before the lockdown.

The look shared this week ranges from casual day styles to chic inspired look and as we continuously preach the gospel of safety also ask that you maintain the required social distance at all times.

14 Hot And Casual Celebrity Styles This Week

A stylish outfit should make you feel confident and beautiful, styles should not be fancy alone and you can be sure fashion influencers and African celebrities are stepping up their A-game regardless of the situation, and here are 13 beautiful styles that are sure to inspire your next outfit idea.

1. Ini Edo Simple Red Dress Is All The Glamour It Show Be

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @iniedo // Instagram

Ini Edo is one of Africa’s talented actress with a unique taste in styles and this can be seen on and off the screen, her step out of lockdown look is keeping it casual and we can’t help but love the simplicity and fun that comes with this red dress.

2. Selorm Galley Step Out In Stunning Red Trouser And Shirt

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @sellygalley // Instagram

Selorm Galley introduced a new way to style your shirt and trousers instead of the plain old way, red seems to be the new trendy color and we must admit it did some justice to the style itself.

3. Toke Makinwa Looking Fashionable As Always In Playsuit

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

One fashionista we will always have on our list of stylish celebrities is Toke Makinwa as she steps out in style as always this time in a playsuit, this playsuit can be recreated to be worn to birthday parties or casual cocktails.

4. Iyabo Ojo In Dashing Formal Outfit

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @iyaboojofespris // Instagram

This is simply stunning, Iyabo Ojo is another Africa celebrity that delivers the best when it comes to fashion, she keeps it top-notch and interesting all the time.

5. Yamiko Casual Day Out Outfit

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @yamiko // Instagram

Fashionistas are even more fascinating when it comes to styles. Here is a masterpiece style combination from Yamiko, she keeps it stylish and convenient for a casual day at the office.

6. Hamisa Mobeto Glittering Look Is Perfect For A Cocktail Party

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @hamisamobetto // Instagram

When you want to keep it casual and fancy at the same time, here is a great style from Hamisa Mobetto that helps you achieve such a look.

7. Sade Akinosho Keeps It Classy And Cool

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @s4de_u // Instagram

Sade Akinosho is another fashionista with top-notch taste in fashion and her creativity teaches you all you need to know about combining and strutting your style with confidence.

8. CattysGlam Birthday Look Is Simply Stunning

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @cattysglam_mua// Instagram

This list won’t be complete without this amazing look from cattysglam, she did show she is a makeup artist with a unique taste is styles and we love this look. We wish you a belated happy birthday CattysGlam.

9. Idia Aisien Dress Did Justice To Keeping It On The Low

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @idia.aisien // Instagram

Idia Aisien sure makes the black look all poping and interesting, this is one simple style was going to get more of this year as it inspires keeping it on the low while you go about your day.

10. Zynnell Zuh Looks Dashing In This Elegant Playsuit

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @zynnellzuh // Instagram

When it comes to styles and fashion, Zynnell Zuh needs no introduction, and above is a fancy look that proves this point.

11. Julitha Kabete Gives A New Queen Look And We Love It

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @julitha.kabete // Instagram

Julitha Kabete looks really gorgeous and all decked out for a red carpet event if there is one.

12. Blue Mbombo Keeps It Less Dramatic

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @blue_mbombo // Instagram

You can be sure your favorite girl has something to inspire your next choice of outfit when you step out this week. Blue Mbombo keeps it casual and perfect for winter.

13. Thuli Phongolo Street Style Is Definitely Inspiring

covid19Stylish celebrity outfit after C
Image: @thuliphongolo // Instagram

Thuli Phongolo street style has the attention of her Instagram followers, it is not just a really classy and interesting style but you can feel really comfortable and convenient in it.

14. Mercy Eke Keeps Her Formal Outfit Comfortable And Glowing

Stylish celebrity outfit after Covid19
Image: @official_mercyeke // Instagram

Mercy Eke has unique taste in styles and having worn the best-dressed award at the AMVCA, she has continued to deliver the best, this style above is sure to keep her fashion game interesting and this is one outfit you can strut to any kind of event.

Fashion isn’t all about looking good, it is also about how you feel inside and your choice of outfit should have you feeling good and confident about your self hence these styles above have been carefully selected to inspire a more convenient and interesting look for you this week.

Which of the look above is your favorite for this week? Leave us your answer in the comment box below and follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija for more style updates.

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