5 Side Effects Of Onion Juice On Hair

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Are there any side effects of onion juice on hair?

There have been so many questions concerning how viable onion juice is for your hair. Does it have some side effects? The simple answer is yes, Onion juice contains a great level of vitamin A and also some dietary fibers, many antioxidants, and sulfur but the uninteresting part of these theories is that these can be unhealthy for your scalp when in excess.

Onion juice can actually be a really good way to grow your hair, Onion juice contains collagen that will help grow your hair really fast but like the saying goes thus; Every advantage comes also with some disadvantages.

Due to how fast this collagen in onion juice operates in your hair, these are some notable side effects of onion juice on your hair to take note of.

1. May Cause Itchy Scalp

Nothing irritates more than having to scratch your hair consistently, Due to the level of sulfur contained in the onion itself, irritation to the scalp will occur if your hair is not properly washed after applying the onion juice.

Growing a long hair with onion juice is a good prospect but it is advisable to wash it from your hair thoroughly and do not use consistently, ensure it is once or twice in a week and make sure it is well blended.

2. May leave a Horrible Odour Behind

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As great as onion juice is for your hair, the smell can be a total turn off.

After blending the onion, the advisable method is to use immediately because if stored for a while before using on your hair, it might lead to your hair itself smelling really bad even after washing off and this happens as a result of the level of collagen in it.

3. Burning Sensation

Regular usage should totally be scratched if you do not want a burning scalp. Onion juice is not going to give you the desired result if used regularly, it will only burn the scalp.

Constance use of onion juice will give you a wound on your scalp and if proper care is not ensured, this might lead to an infection and most people have a sensitive scalp which might be worst. Possibly look for other remedies that might grow your hair.

4. May Cause Hair Loss

side effects of onion juice on hair

One of the side effects of onion juice on hair is that it may cause hair loss. Ironic right? A solution for hair growth causing hair loss. Well here’s how.

If your hair is really sensitive then you might want to avoid onion juice totally. Onion juice can be of more damage to the hair than nourishing it, Having hair loss is the total reversal of what you would have wanted so you can stick to essential oil to grow your hair.

5. Gives Scalp Eczema

The sulfur contained in onion juice will eventually dry out the oil that moisturizes your hair and this will lead to scalp eczema.

This is one major side effects of onion juice that should be considered before using it. Scalp Eczema happens after a lot of itching might have taken place.

Onion juice has its benefits and so does it’s side effects. You can try adding honey to your onion juice to help reduce it’s potency or rather use essential oil to grow your hair. See how to grow your hairline using onion juice.

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