Hair Stylist Jobs in Canada (Apply NOW)

Getting hair stylist jobs in Canada isn’t as complicated as many claims it to be provided you have all the correct information and know where to look.

There are always going to be demands for hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists all over the world faster than other occupations. Hairdressers are always in demand no matter how tough the economy might be, a steady job is guaranteed.

Hair stylists have routinely been declared the happiest job in the world by many people as very little is needed to start, but you can earn a lot from it. There are over 93,800 openings is projected each year for barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists.

Just like every occupation, hairdressing has its history as well and its first appearance was recorded to be in the 90s as long hair becomes more in style, the demand for salon services surged.

Both men and women can practice the custom of making hair. There are lots of amazing benefits that come with being a hairstylist in Canada. So, if you are looking to get a job as a hairstylist in Canada, read on to learn all about the benefits, requirements, and job opportunities.

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Benefits of Working in Canada as A Hairstylist

Providing hair care service might not seem much, but it’s a job that requires skill and pays a lot if you are good at it. If hairdressing is a role you have always been interested in, then you should know some of the benefits that make it a good career choice.

Working as a hairstylist in Canada not only has travel opportunities but below are other benefits you will be getting from it.

  • Good job security
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Paid time off (vacation days, sick days, and more)
  • A flexible work schedule especially if you have children
  • A positive experience for day-to-day relations with customers can be expected. It is voted one of the happiest jobs in the world
  • They can help improve motivation and productivity
  • Team building activities, seminars, and trips
  • It can help build your contact list since you will be meeting with a different range of people. From regular client contact to interaction with salon staff.

How Much Are Hair Stylists Paid in Canada?

The salary range for a hairstylist in Canada is quite an interesting one. On average hairstylists earn a median salary of CAD 27,380 in 2020.

The salary depends on the state as well however the highest paid 25 percent is believed to make CAD 37,970 that year and the lowest 25 percent that year makes CAD 21,520.

Owning a salon in Canada also has its advantage. The average salon in Canada makes CAD 19,100 in profit per year. The profit margin for a hairstylist is calculated at 8.2% which is above the general average 7.7% profit margin for the business, and it keeps improving yearly.

How to Apply For The Hairstylist Jobs in Canada

After discovering how much a hairstylist earns, the next stage will be how you can apply for it. Hairstyling can be a creative and fulfilling job, it offers continual growth, and you can choose to have an area of specialization and still earn a good salary.

To become a hairstylist in Canada, the states must license you and this tends to vary. However, below are some common requirements in most states.

1. Earn GED or High School Diploma

To ensure you are open to all the benefits provided in the states you will be working at, you might want to get a high school diploma. A college degree is not needed to be a hair stylist, but most board-approved cosmetology programs might require it or any relative degree.

2. Enroll And Complete A State License Cosmetology Program

Next will be for you to enroll in a state license cosmetology program. Most states will require that you have completed a training program approved by the state board before employing you. The cosmetology program can further enhance your skill as well, it is where you will about makeup, skincare and nails.

Note that license requirements vary from state to state so ensure you enroll in one that is approved by the state you will be practicing in.

3. Pass The Licensing Exam

You will need to have completed the licensing exam and taken the practicing exam before becoming a hairstylist. Most states might only require you to spend a couple of hours practicing your specialty while some states require you to take the licensing exam and get certified.

The hairstyling licensing exams usually have a written portion and a practical portion which splits over their day-to-day hair styling scenarios, state laws, regulations, and style scenarios.

4. Take Continual Classes And Maintain a License

Another vital way you can easily apply for any hairstylist job in Canada is to periodically take classes to stay up to date with the practice, get more experience, and regulations and helps to renew licenses.

Hair Stylist Jobs to Apply For In Canada

Company NameAverage SalaryLink to Apply
Curio Hair and Body – OntarioCAD 20–CAD 23 an hour – Full-time, Permanent.Click here to Apply
Trade Secrets Limeridge – Hamilton, OntarioCAD 25–CAD 45 an hour – Full-time.Click here to Apply
Right Choice Hair and Beauty Salon – CalgaryCAD 29 an hour 0 Full-time.Click here to Apply
Album Hair – TorontoCAD 35,467–CAD 72,229 a year – Full-time.Click here to Apply
Sports Clip CanadaCAD 735–CAD 1,015 a week – Hybrid.Click here to Apply
Thair Hair Boutique & Spa – OntarioCAD 16-18 an hour – Hybrid.Click here to Apply
Revival Salon and Spa – NLCAD 17 an hour – Full-time.Click here to Apply

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JobBank Website ==>> Check it out.

Moving2Canada Website ==>> Click here.

Wrapping Up

The best strategy for securing a hairstylist job in Canada is to start small and slowly, you can build your salon plan over time. Job prospects for hair salons in Canada look great, and although job availability varies by state, you should be able to find something.

Also, there are professional organizations you can check out, they are designed for a professional hairstylist to provide more information and resources.


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